Jack was always on the lookout for people to bring into the business.  In 1962, he met the man who would eventually become the 2nd person to run Steel and Pipe Supply when Paul Van Nostran walked into Steel and Pipe Supply to see what this little steel company was up to.  Paul worked for Republic Steel and was in Manhattan meeting with one of his clients and decided to stop by.

Paul and Jack hit it off immediately.  They ended up playing golf that day, having dinner and then Paul stayed at Jack’s home that night.  Jack believed that as he grew he needed someone who understood the mills and had relationships with them.  He believed Paul could deliver that.  This lead to several years of Jack trying to persuade Paul to come and work for him.

Finally in 1965 the effort paid off and Paul agreed to join Steel and Pipe Supply to take over sales and purchasing, but that was about to change in 2 short years.