You’ll hear many say it is the dawn of a new age when they talk about digital.  Not at Steel and Pipe Supply.  Here we’ve been doing digital for years.  That’s why Steel and Pipe Supply has one of the broadest sets of digital solutions available in the service center industry. We know that not one solution fits all of our partners’ needs. We also know that your needs and technology change often. For that reason Steel and Pipe Supply continually invests in technology, training and staff to ensure that we have the capabilities before you have the need so that just like our inventories, our digital solutions are ready when you need them.

Our commitment to you, no matter how technical your company is, is simple.  We will not only provide digital services to eliminate inefficiency in your business and increase transparency in ours, but we will work closely with your staff to understand your needs, help determine which solutions actually drive value for your organization, and then ensure a smooth installation and ongoing operations. 

Our goal is to let you focus on your job, not the paperwork.  When you’re ready to start your digital journey just reach out to your sales rep or click here and we’ll show you how Steel and Pipe Supply’s digital services can let you focus on what is important, not what is necessary.


Simplify Communications, Improve Turnaround Times

Electronic Data Interchange

EDI doesn’t have to be hard.  Whether it is emailed spreadsheets, FTP/SFTP, VAN, Web Services, or AS2 connections, Steel and Pipe Supply is capable and knowledgeable on how to quickly and correctly implement EDI.

Self-Service Portal

Your Information, Anytime, Anywhere

Self-Service Portal

Our Self-Service Portal is there for you 24×7 from any device, from anywhere.  Access your quotes, orders, invoices, packlists, and MTRs when you need them.  Proof of Deliveries, Shipment tracking, Inventories, and Online Ordering is coming soon.


Info in the right hands, as soon as it is created


Steel and Pipe Supply can custom tailor notifications to your business needs.  Quotes, Orders, Packlists, Shipping Notices, MTRs and Invoices can be delivered where you want it the moment it is created.